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Are those french fries vegan? Not likely


(NaturalNews) How many vegetarians and vegans want the juices from chicken in their french fries? Unfortunately, whether they like it or not, that's what they're getting. Commercial "deep fryers" are used at nearly every restaurant, pub and cinema cafe in America. The hydrogenated oils are contained in ONE large fryer for everything they cook -- from the chicken to the fries, and those french fries certainly soak up chicken juice. Plus, the hydrogenated oils are GMO, and so is the animal feed given to those chickens, so the fries are loaded with "meat juice" you probably never even thought to inquire about. "Yes sir, do you have vegetarian fries?"


Picture the metal containers of oil in the restaurant kitchens. You've seen them before. Over the counter by the wall, those boiling fryers full of genetically modified and toxic canola, soy, sunflower, corn and cottonseed oils, bubbling and splattering, sometimes burning workers' arms and hands. Then those wire cages full of battered chicken are dipped in, and in just minutes pulled out fried to a tender brown and crispy. Then up come the fries, having soaked up the juice from the meat and served to ALL guests, whether vegetarians or vegans, pescatarians or omnivores; it doesn't really matter to the restaurant industry, unless someone starts asking questions.


...Are these restaurants frying the fries with the fish too? Just grab the handle, dump into a bin and then into little bags or onto a "veggie" plate and serve! Some restaurants mix their new oil with the old oils to save money, but those old oils are oxidized and probably experienced hydrolysis, where water escapes the frying food and breaks down the oil into free fatty acids. Imagine what you do to your body consuming all of this. Are your french fries "eating" CAFO chickens before they "hit your plate"?


You might go buy your own organic potatoes and cook them in organic coconut oil to avoid this major catastrophe. Then you could be sure that there's no dead-chicken-meat-juice on your potato skins or inside the batter that's covering your fried vegetables!


by S. D. Wells 

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