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Why we should keep activated charcoal in our medicine cabinet


NEW YORK, Dec 04 (Reuters Health) -- A “study found that activated charcoal, which soaks up poisons in the stomach, is more effective and easier to use than ipecac, a syrup that induces vomiting. Although activated charcoal is the preferred method for treating patients who swallow poison in hospitals, it is used less frequently at home due to concerns that it is too difficult to administer. But according to a report on 115 children treated with activated charcoal at home after ingesting poison, none of the parents had any major problems administering the charcoal. What’s more, children who took charcoal at home got quicker treatment than those cared for in a hospital emergency room--within 38 minutes versus 73 minutes, on average. Studies indicate that the charcoal is most effective if given within 1 hour after ingesting poison, researchers explain in the December online edition of Pediatrics.


…. Greater efforts need to be put into educating parents about the need to stock activated charcoal in the home in advance of a poisoning, the authors add."  SOURCE: Pediatrics online 2001;108:e100


NOTE: Activated charcoal can also treat eye/ear infections, intestinal gas, diarrhea, indigestion, infections, pain, inflammation, and women’s diseases. To learn everything about charcoal therapy, click here. You can also contact us for more information.

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