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9 Things Overweight People Can Do To Lose Weight





1. Should get moderate exercise after each meal (at least 15-20 minutes)


2. Shouldn’t eat a thing between meals


3. Should drink water daily (8 glasses)


4. Should chew food 3-4 times longer


5. Should eat and retire on a schedule


6. Should avoid stomach irritants like cheese, vinegar, pepper, & alcohol


7. Should avoid yo-yo weight loss/gain


8. Should eat little, if any supper, at least 3-4 hours before bedtime


9. Should eat a large complex carbohydrate-rich breakfast and lunch. Complex carbohydrates are the staff of life—whole wheat bread (not white); cornmeal; barley; brown rice (not white); lentils; beans; pasta; whole grain cereals (not refined box cereals); oats; vegetables (not vegetable oil); potatoes (not potato chips); peas; raw fruits (not fruit juice). In other words, natural, unprocessed foods


Dieting: Victory from the jaws of defeat, p.p. 19-21

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