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Skipping Medical Insurance can Improve Your Health


While Washington, drug companies, insurance companies, doctors, and many Americans believe not having medical insurance negatively impacts your health, there are actually a number of reasons not having medical insurance can actually improve your health. In truth, it should also be noted that medical insurance is often called health insurance, but it's really not insurance for your health. True health insurance would be having an organic, natural diet while routinely and consciously avoiding as many of the common chemical pollutants in this world as possible. In any case, here are just four ways not having medical insurance can actually improve your health...


Reduced Radiation Exposure

If you don't have medical insurance, you'll be far less likely to be continually exposed to cancer causing radiation from x-rays, cat scans and other medical imaging procedures. A new report found "younger Americans are being exposed to worrisome amounts of radiation from medical scans that increase their risk of cancer." In March it was uncovered that Americans are exposed to seven times more radiation now, than in 1980, and solely from these diagnostic scans. If you're overweight or obese, it was made public in June, that doctors regularly use up to 40 times more radiation on you to get an accurate image.


Slim Chance of Taking Vioxx

If you didn't have medical insurance, you probably wouldn't have been one of over 27,000 people that had heart attacks and sudden cardiac death while taking this FDA approved drug. When Merck finally pulled the drug from the shelves, the company said they were "putting patient safety first," but it's been widely reported, even by the Wall Street Journal, that the drug giant fought tooth and nail to keep it's profitable drug on the shelves and its damaging effects on health a secret. It's impossible to estimate how many other drugs drug companies are currently fighting to maintain secrecy about their damaging effects. When the effects are known, they destroy the drug's profitability.


Skip Being Killed or "Seriously Harmed" by Drugs and Doctors

If you didn't have medical insurance, you likely wouldn't have been one of the 195,000 deaths in America each year that's caused by preventable hospital errors. You also would have skipped over a bunch of the "bad reactions" to prescription and over-the-counter drugs that "kill more than 100,000 Americans and seriously injure an additional 2.1 million" more each and every year. Simply by not having medical insurance, you might have avoided these problems.


Pass On Antibiotics That Destroy Your Immune System

If you didn't have health insurance, you'd be far less likely to run to a doctor every time you didn't feel well for an antibiotic prescription. Because antibiotics kill our healthy bacteria, which are our first line of immune defense and protect us from innumerable problems, you might still have this important part of your immune system intact. If you didn't have a medical doctor telling you that natural foods and nature's alternatives were ineffective, you might also be far more likely to learn about and use powerful natural antibacterial agents, like coconut oil and garlic. You might use them to fight your bacterial infections without destroying your immune system and thereby setting yourself up for numerous problems later in life that you'll likely never understand the direct connection.


Summing it Up

Especially if you're paying for insurance out of pocket, it can be far less expensive to invest that money in organic, unprocessed, plant-based foods and consistently to use natural, non-toxic personal and household effects, while avoiding common toxins, like pesticides in your yard, ...smoking cigarettes [and drinking alcohol]. In doing this, you can avoid many of the problems that people "need" insurance for, and believe they need drugs for. If you already have health problems, which are common because most people don't consistently do the above, deep cleansing and detoxification can work wonders to eliminate many problems, essentially by getting your body back to its natural and unpolluted state. To be fair, there are a few occasions that medical insurance would come in handy. If you broke a bone, were crushed in a car accident, or received a gunshot wound, medical insurance would be extremely helpful. But for chronic diseases, often it is not. Even your doctor will often tell you that the drugs you're taking will not cure your problem, and they will only reduce your symptoms. If the drugs did actually cure the problem, the problem would go away, and taking the drugs long term would be unnecessary. However, most of the time, this not the case.


by Kim Evans, citizen journalist, 9/21/2009

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